Interlude: “Overheard On A Saltmarsh”


Here is a something to smile about after all the negativity in the previous musings. I don’t why this just jumped into my head but it did. So, I ‘Googled’ it with ‘poem; give them to me, give them to me, no!’ and here it is in its entirety!

This is a poem that my Nannan used to recite to me in a faux-posh voice.

I loved it and would say ‘Again Nannan, again!’ And, of course she would – loved it!

Overheard on a Salt Marsh: by Anna Christenson

‘Overheard On A Saltmarsh’


Harold Monro (English poet 1879 – 1932)


Nymph, nymph what are your beads?

Green glass Goblin. Why do you stare at them?

Give them me!


Give them me! Give them me!


Then I will howl all night in the reeds,

Lie in the mud and howl for them.

Goblin why do you love them so?

They are better than stars or water,

Better than voices of winds that sing,

Better than any man’s fair daughter,

Your green glass beads on a silver ring.

Hush. I stole them out of the moon.

Give me your beads, I want them!


I will howl in a deep lagoon

For your green glass beads I love them so.

Give them me! Give them me!



Harold Munro


I had no idea who had written this poem or indeed if it was a poem but I am so glad I found it.

Here is a link to more of  Harold Monro’s poetry:


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