Extra! Extra!

Extra! Extra!:

In The County Borough of Huddersfield in the West Riding of Yorkshire

For me this document is incredible. It is a document that has recently been found by my Auntie Sandra and Uncle Peter up in Yorkshire. So, thanks to them!

It is a struggle to find anything concrete from my childhood. I only have my memories. And, this document was produced when I was 2 months and 2 weeks old. It also proves who my Father is but I have erased out the name. But he is the ‘JS’ I wrote to in a previous chapter. It tells me the exact address on Crest Hill Road where I had those early memories – number 12. It also has the address where my Father lived back then too.

The document does speak for itself but it orders my Father to pay my Mother 15 shillings per week for my  ‘…maintenance and education…’ until I am 16 years old or ‘if it’ (me) dies before that age. He was also ordered to pay £2 ‘for the expenses incidental to the birth and 15 shillings ‘for the costs incurred in obtaining this Order’

There is also a little tot-up, in the left margin, of what JS owes Shirley since my birth which was £10.5s.

And, how lovely and caring of the State to say that my Mother ‘was delivered of a male Bastard Child (with a capital B & C too – also my initials!)

At the bottom left of the document it says:

‘Affiliation Orders Act, 1914 and Bastardy (Forms) Order 1915



After birth where child born alive’

PS: Another little tit-bit I found out was that 33 Spring Street mentioned in the document was sold in 2004 for £98,000! This street is near Greenhead Park in Huddersfield.


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